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December 8th, 2016 by

As it cools off, the shipping is heating up! So here we go with another tip courtesy of UPS, and it is all about proper packaging.

“It is important to cushion the contents of your package properly. Please be sure that you wrap each item separately. Fragile articles need separation from each other, and from the corners, sides, top, and bottom of the box. Each item should be surrounded by at least two inches (5.08 cm) of cushioning and be placed at least two inches (5.08 cm) away from the walls of the box. This prevents product-against-product damage and protects contents from shock and vibration, which can pass from the outside of the box to the contents. Please use proper cushioning material, combined with a strong outer container, to protect your shipment fully. Make sure you use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents do not move when you shake the container. Improper cushioning material includes clothing, blankets, towels, newspaper/newsprint, and pillows. Instead, please use the materials listed below to cushion and protect your shipment:

Air-encapsulated plastic (small and large cell bubble sheeting)

  • Designed to protect and cushion lightweight items
  • Used in multiple wraps and layers to ensure that the item is completely protected, especially on corners and edges

Inflatable packaging (air bags)

  • Used primarily as void-fill materials for lightweight items
  • Not recommended for items with sharp corners or edges
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures may affect the ability of air bags to provide adequate product protection.

Expanded polystyrene “peanuts” (loose fill)

  • Used primarily as void-fill material for lightweight items
  • Overfill the box with loose fill, gently close the flaps, and seal securely
  • Do not use with flat or narrow products that may move to the edge or bottom of the carton in transit
  • Due to the shifting and settling properties of peanuts, it is recommended that a minimum of two inches (5.08 cm) of cushioning be used around the contents
  • It is recommended that flat pieces of corrugated fiberboard be used between contents and peanuts to help prevent migration through the peanuts
  • Peanuts cause static electricity and may damage electronic items. Anti-static peanuts should be used for electronic items. Use plastic bags, bubble sheeting, or other items to wrap the item so peanuts will not work themselves into areas that may cause harm to your merchandise.

Engineered foam enclosures

  • Materials may include expanded polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, or copolymers
  • Enclosures should be pre-engineered for specific products


  • A foam, sprayed into the box or mixed in packets, that expands and forms a protective mold around contents
  • Must be properly used, with even foam distribution around the contents
  • Because this material is offered in varying densities, it is important to select the most appropriate foam to meet the requirements of the product

Corrugated liners and inserts

  • May be added to the package to increase strength and improve package performance

Crumpled kraft paper

  • Used primarily as a void-fill material for light-to-medium weight, non-fragile items and items that are suitable for such packing materials
  • Must be tightly crumpled
  • Place at least two inches (5.08 cm) of paper between contents and outer box

Fragile objects such as electronics, glass, ceramics, and artwork, require special packaging for safe shipment. Packages containing these and similar items may require added cushioning or a double (over) box.”

If this sounds daunting to you, just bring it by Pak Mail, and we will make all of the right decisions on packaging and get it sent out for you properly and for the most reasonable price possible. We are here to keep your holidays stress free!

Holiday Ship Tip #1

December 6th, 2016 by

This season, we at Pak Mail want to help you have the best shipping experience possible. We will be getting very busy, very soon, but we are going to try to keep up with giving you solid advice on shipping out your presents to loved ones.

First tip comes courtesy of the UPS holiday shipping guidelines – use a corrugated box. “Whenever possible, use a new box. The more times a box is used, the more it loses its original protective qualities, so a previously used box may not adequately protect your shipment. If you must reuse a box, make sure it is rigid and in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips, or corner damage, and that all flaps are intact. Remove any labels and all other shipment markings from the box. Choose a box strength that is suitable for the contents you are shipping.”

At Pak Mail, we have over 100 different box sizes, so we can definitely find one suitable for your needs. Or we can make one custom for you! If you are reusing one of your own, we can also help to cover up the labels. Don’t rip them off as you will likely take some of the box with it! Also, make sure the box is sturdy enough. All boxes come in different strength and should have a seal that has a weight limit on it. Those weights are for freight scenarios, so be sure that you are a good 30% lighter than that limit for shipping in a parcel environment. For instance, the USPS flat rate boxes should really not have anywhere near 30 pounds in them since they are very weak.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you with these! Happy shipping!gifts2_2

Think it is too large to ship … think again!

November 4th, 2016 by

Last week we had an artist customer of ours ask us to ship out a rather large work. She was concerned that it may not be possible. Not only did we manage, but we have shipped even larger works in the past! We are particularly known for shipping art, fragile, and valuable items. It is why we are the preferred shipper for major international art auctions worldwide! Come in some time, and let us ship your important treasures.

We were happy to ship out this 4'x5' painting for our customer via freight!

We were happy to ship out this 4’x5′ painting for our customer via freight!

The final product! This painting is palletized and ready to be shipped safely via freight - nothing is too big for us to handle!

The final product! This painting is palletized and ready to be shipped safely via freight – nothing is too big for us to handle!

packing the art work

We use the same practices to ship paintings if it is large or small! We protect the image of fresh paintings with glassine paper, followed by a corrugated board to serve as a protective wall on the front and back, bubble wrap, and finally a peanut filled final box. A lot of work and care goes into making sure that nothing goes wrong in transit!

Protecting your Family’s Treasures

August 23rd, 2016 by

It is always great to hear from customers on another successful delivery. This one just arrived:

“Hi Robert – Just a quick note to let you know that the cradle and everything packed with it arrived safely on Friday.  I really appreciate the special care you took in wrapping so many different items; everything arrived in great shape.  You’ve been great to work with, and we will certainly call you anytime we have anything else to be shipped from Tucson. Thanks again! – M”

We send family treasure so that it arrives in the same condition we received it.

We send family treasure so that it arrives in the same condition we received it.

We Ship to ANYONE ;)

August 3rd, 2016 by

Recently we shipped a package to a famous adult actress. Or so I have heard she is. Of course, I would have no first hand knowledge of porn stars. I wouldn’t expect any of my fair readers to know who she is, so I won’t bother to name any names. You never know who you will ship for, or ship to, down here. We have shipped many a package to all kinds of celebrities on all sorts of TV shows and films, yes even adult ones. And we are always happy to ship to regular folks like you and me.

Holidays are here … and so is OnTrac!

December 5th, 2015 by

The rush has already begun, and we want to encourage you to come in early to take advantage of the best rates before you have to resort to expedited shipping to get it there before Christmas! In the spirit of providing you with great service and options, we have added another choice to our menu – OnTrac. Though it mainly services the Western states, it can provide some really well priced, speedy transit among them. Bring your gifts in here for us to securely pack them and select a service that will get it there at a price you want in the time you need. Check back this week for some of our helpful hints on how to best get your items ready for traversing the shipping lanes in the US and abroad!ontrac-squarelogo

Don’t let this happen to you!

September 16th, 2015 by

car-photo-2007-chevrolet-silverado-pickup-boat-mounted-on-truck-bed-failI was driving through Montana last week when something caught my eye. There was a truck hauling a vehicle on a flat bed. But that was not all. It also had a set of dining room chairs strapped down to the bed as well. No padding, no corrugated, just a strap on the bare wood holding them down to the bed as it cruised the freeway at 75+. Well, that is one way to do it. And that is the kind of service that is typical of and other shipping websites. If this works for your needs, then it is probably pretty inexpensive. But I know that many of you are shipping things that are important to you. That is why we never cut corners and will always insist on sending it out the safest, most secure way to make sure it arrives in the same condition in which you brought it into our shop. And that is a promise. (This is not a photo of what I saw but it gives you a good idea!)

Easter Gift Shipping

February 23rd, 2015 by

Easter ShippingDo you need to send an Easter basket or special gift to a friend or family member in another city, state, or country? If so, let us give you and the Easter bunny a hand. Bring your gift items to us and we will carefully pack it, choose the best shipping method, and send it where ever you need it to go. Pak Mail Tucson specializes in holiday, gift, and special event shipping. So just bring it in, or contact us for more information.

Holiday & Gift Shipping

February 23rd, 2015 by

Holiday & Gift ShippingDid you know that Pak Mail can take some of the stress out of the holidays? We can help pack and ship all of your holiday and gift items, and get them where ever they need to go. Not only can we get them there on time, we will get them their safe and sound. We also carry a variety of holiday greeting cards. Contact us to let us know how we can help make your holidays brighter this year.

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