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Time to give FedEx a chance to make some suggestions for how to package your holiday treats!

“Box it right – Appropriate for the size and weight of your item(s). Use a double-walled box for heavier items. Free from holes, tears, or corner dents. Remove old address labels.

Pack it tight – Wrap and tape the item’s sharp edges or protrusions. Bundle printed material together. Use plenty of shock-absorbing packing material.

Seal all around – Tape all the flaps and seams on your package on both the top and bottom using the H taping method. Acceptable tapes include: Pressure-sensitive plastic tape. Water-activated paper tape (minimum 60-lb. grade). Water-activated reinforced tape, at least 2″ wide.

Label in sight – Apply it to the largest surface, running your hand over the label to secure it. For the FedEx pouch, follow the tips and illustrations to ensure proper closure. Avoid placing labels near corners, edges, or seams. Use tie-on tags on transit cases (including tradeshow display cases), golf bags, skis, and luggage.”

These are great suggestions. We at Pak Mail follow all of these of course. Feel free to bring your package to us, and don’t worry about a thing!

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