Don’t let this happen to you!

September 16th, 2015 by

car-photo-2007-chevrolet-silverado-pickup-boat-mounted-on-truck-bed-failI was driving through Montana last week when something caught my eye. There was a truck hauling a vehicle on a flat bed. But that was not all. It also had a set of dining room chairs strapped down to the bed as well. No padding, no corrugated, just a strap on the bare wood holding them down to the bed as it cruised the freeway at 75+. Well, that is one way to do it. And that is the kind of service that is typical of and other shipping websites. If this works for your needs, then it is probably pretty inexpensive. But I know that many of you are shipping things that are important to you. That is why we never cut corners and will always insist on sending it out the safest, most secure way to make sure it arrives in the same condition in which you brought it into our shop. And that is a promise. (This is not a photo of what I saw but it gives you a good idea!)